Good News Clubs:

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Good News Club® is a Bible-based after school program held for one hour a week during the school year, primarily in public elementary school facilities. The clubs feature a Bible lesson, a memory verse from the Bible, songs, games, and activities that help instill a Biblical worldview. Good News Clubs can also meet in homes or apartments, community centers, parks or churches; just about anywhere children can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission.

5 Day Club:

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A 5-Day Club® is held during the summer months for five consecutive days in one location. These clubs are traditionally conducted by teams of young people from the ages of 14 through college age. The 5-Day Clubs are open to all boys and girls between the ages of five and twelve, regardless of religious background. Parents are welcome to attend the club with their child.


Our Mission
We exist to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to children across Southern Nevada.

We do this through our weekly Good News Club, which meet in elementary schools. Our hope is to share the Gospel with kids, teach them to be disciples (followers of Jesus), and connect them to a local church. To accomplish this work, we partner with Christians and local churches. Our dream is to see children and families transformed as they come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ because of our ministry.

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Child Evangelism Fellowship:
Good News Clubs of Southern Nevada are a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship International (CEF).

CEF was founded in 1937 and has seen over 25 million children decide to follow Jesus since then. CEF is active in almost every country in the world.

For more than 80 years CEF has been dedicated to these three things:

  • Evangelizing boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Discipling them in the Word of God for Christian growth
  • Establishing them in the local church for Christian living
Our Financial Accountability:

CEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. The financial policy of CEF is to “Ask God and tell His people”, trusting Him wholly for the finances to carry on the work.

Mark 16:15 Then he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

Our Fruitfulness Report

Good News Clubs are the most powerful and effective outreach tool a local church can implement to build relationships with families in their community. Our Director would love to explain how Good News Clubs can help your church fulfill the great commission. Good News Clubs are growing, empowering churches, and serving kids and families in our community!

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Club Map

Club List

Brinley Middle, Tuesdays @ 2:40pm starting Sept 12th
Bunker Elementary, Mondays @ 2:15pm starting Sept 18th
Christensen Elementary, Thursdays @ 2:20pm starting Sept 28nd
Deskin Elementary, Fridays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 8th
Detwiler Elementary, Mondays @ 2:16pm starting Sept 18th
Earl Elementary, Mondays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 18th
Eisenberg Elementary, Friday @ 3:15pm starting Feb 2nd
Floyd Elementary, Fridays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 22nd
Fong Elementary, Wednesdays @ 2:15pm starting Sept 6th
Garehime Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:15pm starting Oct. 4th
Goolsby Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:11pm starting Sept 20th
Gunderson Middle, Wednesdays @ 2:30pm starting May 8th
Hafen Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 20th
Hayes Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 6th
Heckethorn Elementary, Fridays @ 3:15pm starting Nov 3rd
Hollingsworth Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 20th
Indian Springs Elementary, Tuesdays @ 2:15pm starting Dec 12th
J.G. Johnson Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 19th
Katz Elementary, Tuesdays @ 2:15pm starting Sept 5th
Nate Mack Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:15pm starting Feb 8th
Manse Elementary, Fridays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 22nd

McDoniel Elementary, Tuesdays @ 2:15pm starting Sept 19th
McWilliams Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 21st
Mitchell Elementary, Tuesdays @ 3:15pm starting Oct 17th
Ober Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:15pm starting March 27th
O’Roarke Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:25pm starting Sept 7th
Pahrump Community Church, Thursdays @ 3:00pm starting Sept 21st
Parson Elementary, Thursdays @ 2:15pm starting Oct 12th
Pinecrest Academy Cadence, Wed @ 3:15pm starting Sept 20th
Pinecrest Academy Horizon, Fridays @ 3:30pm starting Feb 9th
Pinecrest Academy Inspirada, Mondays @ 3:30pm starting Sept 11th
Reed Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 13th
Tarr Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:15pm starting Oct. 5th
Taylor (Glen) Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 14th
Taylor (Robert) Elementary, Tuesdays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 5th
Treem Elementary, Fridays @ 3:15pm starting Sept 22nd
Triggs Elementary, Wednesdays @ 6:30pm starting March 27th
Twitchell Elementary, Wednesdays @ 2:15pm starting Sept 20th
Vegas Verdes Elementary, Thursdays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 7th
Virgin Valley Elementary, Wednesdays @ 3:20pm starting Sept 6th
Wendall Williams Elementary, Fridays @ 3:20pm starting Oct 13th

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