Twins One Soul

Today I want to introduce you to one family that was impacted for eternity because of faithful donors supporting faithful workers. The story you are about to read is a true story about tragic loss. This story shines a light on what it means to have a Good News Club® for hurting children who need a loving God.

It Got Quiet…

On January 25, at 8:42 a.m., Las Vegas’ Clark County Fire Department
reported a “non-natural deceased female” was found by her children. In
the middle of the night, this mother of three was stabbed by an ex-
boyfriend while her children hid and listened in the other room.

Twins, Jaden (6) and Joanna (6), started attending a Good News Club after they and their younger sibling
were sent to live with relatives. Workers in the club were made aware that the twins had just gone through a
traumatic experience, but even if they weren’t, the signs were everywhere. Jaden wouldn’t speak at all. Some
days Joanna would announce, “Ya know, my mom died last week”. Other days, they melted down with tears
and wailing. Every Good News Club, the twins ran around the room wildly. The teachers assigned a “sitter”
just to be with each of the kids. Volunteers from different clubs generously donated time to help this club.

The children had gone through an intense, life-altering experience. The police report said one of them video
called their grandma in California. During the video call, the children showed their mother laying on the
bedroom floor covered in blood. They said that they heard loud banging noises during the night and their
mother yelling, but they did not leave the room because “it got quiet.”

This past week, the twins attended a special Easter-themed Party Club™.

During the entire Easter lesson, Jaden’s eyes were fixed on the pictures of a resurrected Jesus and the cross.

Jaden, age 6, attending a Good News Club, with Bible open

Lois Cadwallader, a board member and volunteer, says Jaden and Joanna have learned the
answer to the question, “Who loves you more than anyone in the world?” They love to shout:


“As you can imagine, the twins were deeply traumatized. Now
the only time they cry in club is when it comes to an end.”

-Lois Cadwallader, CEF of Southern Nevada Board Member

Please understand that your giving is so important to children like Jaden and Joanna. God
has provided many laborers for his work, but the funds are few! Without monthly, regular
support, clubs would not be able to continue. Thank you for letting God use you as a giver
and supplier for His amazing work through the Good News Clubs and CEF ministries around
the world!

Please also join our workers in prayer for the twins and their younger sibling. God has a plan
for all three of them and we can lift them up to Him as He works that plan out for their good.

About ONE SOUL Program

Thank you for helping us reach one soul for eternity!

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